Design for users In-Ex is focusing on the exclusive development with top priority on customers.

KS standard materials / surface processingUse aluminum synthesis extruded materials
Fluorine seal/power coating/wrapping

Fiber glass net (incombustible materials)Use synthetic resin containing glass fiber of 18 mesh and 0.23mm of linear diameter

Unified button opening or closing deviceUnified device completely solving an issue from malfunction

Accelerator/deceleratorAvailable to easily adjust the speed by using a driver

Embedded piece holeNeat and solid as the piece is embedded in the hole

4-sided structure with rectangular frameMinimize malfunction for opening or closing or twisting due to external shock

Reliable products from In-Ex You will have items with great quality available and reasonable price fast

  • Reasonable priceProvide reasonable price with simplified assembly process, reduced price, and all the courses being systemized

  • Outstanding qualityConvenient use by analyzing the causes of non-conformance to minimize the non-conformance and considering customers

  • Fast deliveryFast delivery of items with swift production from direct management of factory through various shipping methods


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